Gig Work

Alin Tămășan

Alin Tămășan is a designer and co-founder of Hye Studio. He is the kind of passionate and knowledgeable designer who cares about strategy, context and making the right choices. In 20 years of working in Bucharest, Prague and Cluj, he contributed to the improvement of many different products and services. For him, design is a way to continuously learn about the world. Most recently, he helped rebrand a biotech startup and Sibiu Jazz Festival. Alin’s bond with illustration started in early childhood and later evolved into identity design, which is a process of simplying and reducing a thing to the core. He rediscovered the fun of illustration with this invitation to portray food couriers, so he played with a few digital tools and styles, while using his branding experience to understand the research content. Alin has been commuting by bike on city roads for years, so it was easy for him to empathize with the daily lives of couriers.