Gig Work

Academic outputs

Popan, C. and Anaya, E. (2022) ‘The intersectional precarity of platform cycle delivery workers’, in Routledge Companion to Cycling, London: Routledge
Popan, C. (2021) ‘Algorithmic governance in the gig economy: entrepreneurialism and solidarity among food delivery workers’, in Cycling Societies Innovations, Inequalities and Governance, London: Routledge
Popan, C. (2021) ‘Embodied Precariat and Digital Control in the “Gig Economy”: The Mobile
Labor of Food Delivery Workers’,Journal of Urban Technology

Non-academic outputs

2022: ‘The Gig Economy’s Corporate Crime Problem’. Article written for the online platform Left East.
2022: ‘Ce nu știi despre livratorul tău de mâncare’. Feature article in Romanian written for the quarterly magazine Decât o Revistă, one of the biggest mainstream publications in Romania.
2022: ‘Shadowing precariousness. A graphic take on the work of platform capitalism’. graphic story and text for the Italian magazine Roots&Routes created together with Dr. Letizia Bonanno, a UK- based social anthropologist.
2022: Interview for the community Greek radio Mikrokosmos Athens.
2022: Interview (in Romanian) for the radio EBS Radio, Cluj (link).
2022: Online and offline debate (in Romanian) on the topic ‘Munca de livrator. Între antreprenoriat și sclavie’ organised by the community centre Centrul Social Iedera in Timișoara, Romania.
2022: The exhibitions ‘Multimodal. A showcase of research into the working conditions and life experiences of platform food couriers in Manchester and Cluj’ organised in Cluj and Manchester. A video report on the Manchester exhibition is available at this link.
2020: ‘Viitorul muncii se experimentează sub ochii noștri, și e o distopie big-data’. Article written in Romanian the online magazine